How to Decide on a Career

Deciding which career you want to pursue may seem daunting. You may be thinking there are so many options, how will you narrow it down to just one. Luckily, discovering what you want to do is not as overwhelming as it seems. Think about all of the people that have gone before you and found their career paths. Here are 5 steps to take to help you decide which career to pursue.

Make a list of your interests. Write down a list of at least 10 different things you enjoy doing. These can be anything from hobbies, favorite books, food you like, etc…

Once you have your list complete. Look over it. Decide what kind of job you can get doing something that interests you. For instance, if one of the things you wrote down working out, a career in the medical field could be for you. Perhaps you enjoy cooking—there are a variety of culinary jobs out there, focused on anything you want to do.

After you have contemplated some career options, go to the Internet and find out more information about them. There are many resources that will tell you what a job entails—how much you can earn, benefits, and what training you need to do in order to get the job. You never know, researching one job may lead to you discovering a career you’ve never even heard before.

After you have found a job or two that you would like to pursue, check out schools you can get training from. An excellent resource is College Overview. College Overview allows you find a variety of schools within your area that offer the program you’re looking for based on your postal code.

After you have found a training program, apply. You may be hesitant to apply because you may not think you can afford it. Don’t worry about the money. Many schools offer financial assistance to help you get through school. Remember, education is one of the most important investments you can make, so putting money into it now will pay off greatly in the long run.

You may be frustrated, wanting to get a job that doesn’t require any extra training. However, the most success will come from taking a few months to get the training required for a given career. You will find that training will be over a lot sooner than you think and that the benefits you will receive from it, will far out weigh getting a job you can get right now. You will be trained, doing something you are passionate about, which will make a huge different in your career longevity and success.