Advancing Your Career

Once you have secured yourself a place of work it’s important that you stay mobile. If you want a strong career with opportunities for advancement then you have to hit the ground running. Taking initiative in your own progress can move you along much faster than if you were to hope and wish for your boss to eventually recognize you. Workers who spend their time putting in as much effort to their projects as possible tend to stand out more, and are seen as go-getters who have the potential for management.

You want to do everything you can to set an example to the company that you are the right kind of person for promotions, should they come up. Being outspoken can be one of the best characteristics a worker can have on the job. It’s important that you voice your opinions and get involved in meetings, conversations and reviews. Participating in office discussions shows you are enthusiastic and interested in your job, and supervisors will notice this. You want to draw as much positive attention to yourself as possible. Make sure that your input is constructive, well thought out, and relevant. Putting yourself close to the important aspects of the company is a type of networking that continually reminds others that you are involved even when you aren’t obligated to be.

Networking comes in different forms and it is almost necessary in your journey toward greater things. Not only should you take part in important company discussions, but it’s also important to make friends with your co-workers. Hard working employees who are well liked tend to gain the most traction in a business. Strike up conversations whenever possible and congratulate them on their good performances as well. Bonding with your fellow workers increases productivity and could help you make valuable contacts for future use. You never know when a friend will come in handy in your job.

Making small notes to yourself regarding people’s interests and characteristics can help you to better interact with them in the future. Small steps like this are great ways to stay on point and will truly impress co-workers. If someone is a fan of sports, talk to them for a minute regarding a recent game. You’ll bond and they will be more inclined to help you with projects in the future or possibly give you a better review.

Being grateful should be another great part of your plan for advancement. You should already be making the conscious effort to work as hard as possible at your job. When your strong performance pays off, take credit where it is due and be appreciative of the recognition without being too boastful.

Another way to advance your career is to get more education. Employers appreciate it when employees have the desire to go back and get an education. Not only will you learn more about the industry you work in, you can bring back that information and use it in the office. You will learn about the latest trends and discover ways you can improve what you are currently doing. You don’t need to quit your job in order to get more education. There are many websites out there, like College Guide Canada, that will help you find classes to fit your schedule.

Remember, the most important part of this process is working hard. Although we are all aware of our responsibilities at work, many of us do not put forth the effort to take on new tasks that aren’t expected of us. Your initiative is your signature in the job market. The more you put in, the more you should get. Bosses and managers pay attention to employees who work harder than necessary. Not only will you become more hands on, but you will gain much more experience than others and they will see you as the most prepared to take on the responsibilities of a higher position.

Hard work and networking might seem like a challenge to the more introverted individual, but improving your life can only begin when you take the initiative. You’ll find that once you put yourself out there and attempt to create bonds with others that you will feel better about yourself, which will, in turn, also improve your job performance. Creating an image of a likable and reliable worker will take you far—all that’s missing is your initiative.