About Us

Workforce Resources matches individuals with career opportunities in the fastest growing career fields. We understand the hiring trends of the current job market and will help you find that career you are looking for. If you are an employer looking for candidates, we will help you find quality employees to join your team. We are the link to finding the careers you want.

About Workforce Resources

Helping Job Seekers

The first is by linking those people looking for a job with positions they are eligible to apply for. We know that finding a job may be a daunting task, however, we have made the process simple by directing people to jobs they may be qualified for. We also offer other resources including job descriptions, current trends, and articles to help people discover careers they may be interested in.

Employer Services

The second way we help people find the career they want is through the employer side. Several companies work closely with us to find the exact applicants they are looking for. We have created a unique Employee-Match-Service, which allows us to customize and assess candidates depending on the employer specifications. Our process is done entirely online which let’s us reach a wider range of candidates and produce quality candidates at a faster pace.

In addition to our employment and placement services, we also offer resources to help those who are not yet qualified for a given position. We are paired with College Guide Canada—an online resource dedicated linking people with training programs in their area. College Guide Canada is paired with several schools located throughout Canada, each offering a wide variety of programs.

All of our services offered at Career Centre Canada are completely free of cost to our visitors. We hope that you see the value in our services and come back frequently!

About Us